A portrait of my child each week in 2014.

This is a photo from my phone. A moment I want to remember. Little Man hasn’t been feeling all that well (teething again) and has been fighting naps for a few days. He finally fell asleep with one foot propped up on the side of his cot.

Too cute

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Thinking about… what to have for lunch | first birthday ideas | weekend plans | 2nd anniversary

Reading…. I wish. I need to find some more books to read. I miss it.

Listening to… RadioLab, The Moth, This American life and the ‘Still Untitled Adam Savage Project’ podcasts.

Thankful for… Running water | clean clothes | warm weather | squidgy baby toes | husband snuggles

Dreaming of… a 50mm lens for my camera | Christmas presents for for family |

Looking forward to… a visit from granny Trish in October | farm weekends| packages in the mail


I have never seen snow. Or rather, never really seen snow up close. There was that one time driving back to Uni after the June vac, but that hardly counts because it melted as soon as it hit the ground and you couldn’t scrap up enough to throw a snowball. Living in Africa one doesn’t expect to get snow and so friends and visitors from overseas are often surprised when they discover that yes, actually, it does snow here. Up in the mountains. Occasionally.

Last week, a huge cold front blew through from Cape Town and further south. Facebook was all a-flurry with snow sightings and news and photos of snowfalls. Pretty pictures of blinding white, big blue African skies and hopelessly under-dressed but manically grinning people. And so it was that it came to snow, heavily in Hogsback. A tiny mountain town about 1.5 hours north of us. On a Friday. Though the temptation to develop an ailment requiring a day off work was strong, we stayed at home and stuck to our original plans. After work drinks, Little Man’s first taste of pizza and an early night.

It rained steadily all night and I was most disappointed. I just knew that all the snow would be gone. At 5am Little Man woke up (as usual) and John took him while I tried to snatch a little more sleep. At 6am John came and said, “lets just go for a drive and see.” Cue fluster of activity. Get the baby dressed warmly, just in case, find spare clothes, blankets, pack coffee and breakfast things. Snack and water for baby, spare nappies. Forgot beanie and gloves for me. And off we went. We were in a rush because we had to be back in town for a baby-sprinkle at 1030am!

There was no sign of snow until right outside Hogsback. As we drove through the village we started seeing little patches on the roadside, then more and more until the ground was covered! We stopped briefly at the chapel to snap a few photos before carrying on up through the village to the road towards Cathcart.

It was a great hour or so! We each built a snowman, threw snowballs and tromped about in it. Little Man got cold very quickly so we left him tucked up in his chair in the car with some snacks while we played. I’m so so glad we made the effort to go! Even if it meant a very long day for us!!



A portrait of my child each week in 2014.

We don’t often get snow in this part of the world, so when it does snow we drive to go and see it (and Mom & Dad threw snowballs at each other!). You were NOT impressed at all. Far too cold for little fingers.

9 and a bit months old.

Joining in with Jodie at Practising Simplicity.


A portrait of my child each week in 2014

Double cream yoghurt is a firm favourite. Though you haven’t *quite* got the hang of spoon to mouth just yet!

There is also a third tooth lurking in there. One of the ones up top made it’s appearance after a long week of poor sleep and niggliness.

9 months old

Joining in with Jodie at Practising Simplicity.