Yesterday was Heritage Day here aka Braai Day. It’s a public holiday and I loved feeling like it was Saturday all day. Even though we didn’t braai or go to a braai. John went off fishing, I pottered around the house. Made some freezer meals, did some groceries (forgot the milk, had to go back). Finished off a crochet Baby Blanket for my due-in-February Nephew (I can’t show you yet as the Mom-to-be hasn’t seen it!). I also can’t show you the giant ripply blanket that’s now finished as I haven’t got around to taking proper photos of it! *sigh* I can show you the new covers for the second hand pram + car seat we were gifted. The handles were fine, just a bit sticky and scrubbing didn’t help. So I covered them with some wool scraps. A simple squarish shape which was then attached to the handle with a slip stitch and the ends sewn in. Won’t mix up my pram now!

This weekend we’re off to Port Elizabeth for the day to go do a spot of shopping and visit a local Baby Expo and next weekend my Mom is making a flying visit to see Β me. So looking forward to that! I’m equally thrilled that they’ve decided to come spend Christmas here along with my sister and her husband. Our first BIG family Christmas, family in more ways than one! I can’t wait.

I’ve ordered more nappies. Hopefully they’ll all arrive in good time. if they do then I *should* have all that I need and can figure out which ones work best.

I’m in my 32nd week now. Starting to feel tired and as the weather slowly warms up, a bit more puffy too! I’ve gone back to pilates (boy have I missed it!) but doing a very modified set of exercises thanks to my constant hip pain. John & I are going to give swimming a go tonight…hopefully a little extra exercise will help with the recent insomnia.

My cot, as in the one I slept in, and my sister slept in, has made it to Joburg. Now to get it the rest of the way….!

That’s all for now…can’t think of much more to add!

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