36 weeks In

I started this post um…2.5 weeks ago and then life happened. But I did want to record some thoughts.  

Sounds odd, but I haven’t really felt pregnant until the last week or so. I was lucky enough not to suffer from any morning sickness and other than pelvic pain thanks to SPD, the only other ‘typical’ symptom I’ve had has been heartburn. My belly has grown steadily, I’ve put on pregnancy weight at a normal healthy rate, blood pressure has been fine and, until the recent hot weather, no swelling. As my Doctor said, I’m the most boring pregnant lady ever! It has been wonderful to be so lucky, but in a weird way I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot. Not that I’d choose to feel sick 24/7 or gag at the though of once-favourite foods. But still. Until my belly really started to show and it was obvious I was pregnant and not just, ahem, plump it felt a bit unreal.

However, now that I and waddling around with only 2 pairs of stretchy pants that are fit for wearing out in public, now that you can feel and see my belly move whenever Baby wriggles around into a new position, with scant regard for my ribs/bladder. I finally feel as though I am *actually* pregnant. Weird thought to get your head around but there you go. Technically, I have just four short weeks to go, though it could be as much as 6. The Baby is considered full-term from 37 weeks and could come any time from now-ish. The hospital bag is packed. The car seat base installed. John’s phone is permanently charged up and the car always has fuel in it even though we only live like 1.3km from the hospital!

Waiting is hard…

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