Taking Stock {2016} January

Huge congratulations to my cousin Kirsty & her husband Russ on the birth of their perfect pigeon pair! Sending so much love from all of us xx

Making: Baby clothes inventories, nappy inventories, wishlists for re-decorating the kids room…
Cooking: At least one new recipe from my cookbook collection each week. Latest hit was a River Cottage honey’d couscous recipe. So good I made a big batch and delivered it to some new Moms over the weekend. And I have leftovers for lunch today!
Drinking: I bought some fancy Twinnings Early Grey. An after work treat.
Read: The Martian by Andy Weir. I heard so mych about this book. I really did love it and I’m very keen to see the movie sometime.
Wanting: A KitKat, no a BarOne…no…I dunno….


Looking: Forward to a weekend on the farm with some old friends we haven’t seen in far far too long!
Playing:  CandyCrush. Strangely addictive
Planning: Something special for Sprog…
Crocheting:  I have three projects on the go! At least! Little Man’s big blanket is coming along really well. The C2C elephants blankets are….yeah. A pain. I would very likely not do one with a pattern on it again! And then I’m working on a beautiful baby blanket for a friend’s newest baby.

Enjoying: Our new couches! I ca’t believe what a difference it’s made to our lounge and how we use it. I’m slowly working on plans to recover the cushions and building a stash of snuggly-cuddly blankets.
Waiting: Patiently for our next scan. 11th March…
Thankful for: An office with aircon. It’s 40C here today! Did I mention that already?
Wondering: Pink or blue. We’re waiting till Baby is here to find out…but it’s still fun to wonder.

Hoping: For some decent rain later this week.
Marveling: At teeny tiny baby geckos we’ve been finding.
Needing: A really nice hot cup of tea. One of life’s great pleasures.
Smelling: Brick dust and fresh concrete. Building alterations at work.
Wearing:  Loose dresses! Already at the stage where I can’t bear jeans or fitted pants!

Noticing: Darker mornings, the slow slide towards winter.
Thinking: About pilates class for today
Listing: Groceries, things to do, nappy stash!
Excited: For a weekend with good friends. Wide open space for boys to run. The girls will be out numbered 2:5!
Waiting:  For milk delivery so I can make the aforementioned tea…



A portrait of my child each week in 2016. Joining in with Jodie at Practicing Simplicity.

Dad is getting back into the swing of 7-aside hockey. And with your slightly later bedtime, we were able to tag along and support for the first half. Dad’s so thrilled with you he’s finding you your very own mini hockey stick! The evening was no without drama, a mis-step sent you tumbling off the grandstand ending with a big bump on your head. It was still a lovely evening though!

I’m really missing my proper camera. *sigh*



A portrait of my child each week in 2016. Joining in with Jodie at Practicing Simplicity.

After patiently riding on my back for the ParkRun, he gets some time to run around and play on the swings at the local coffee shop.

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A portrait of my children each week in 2016. Joining in with Jodie at Practicing Simplicity.

Little Man: On Saturday we joined some friends for sun-downer drinks up on Mountain Drive.  A glorious evening, full of things to climb over and explore. Gorgeous late evening light. My little adventurer!

Little Sprog: And in other exciting news….! Little Sprog, you are 12w3d old. You should be making an appearance in mid to late-July. So far you’ve caused me some heart burn and sore hips but you are growing well and everything is on track! You will probably not make another appearance here until our 20w scan in March.

1 | 2016

A portrait of my child, each week in 2016. Joining in with Jodie, for the third year in a row, at Practicing Simplicity.

“Smile!” Cute little man, doing his best! He had just dumped powder allllll over his changing table. Such is life with a toddler!

Forty-Nine | 52

A portrait of my child each week in 2015. Joining in with Jodie at Practicing Simplicity.

The last few portraits of the year are all off my cellphone (and very late!) because on Christmas Eve an intrepid fellow scaled the wall to the second floor balcony at my in-laws home and helped himself to my camera. *le sigh*. We think the dog heard something going on and asked to be let out, and when we opened the garage door, Mr. Intrepid bolted without managing to nick anything else. So my 2016 resolution is to save up for a new camera! And lens…

ANYWAY, I’m thrilled to see that you enjoy mangoes as much as I do little Man. They are the best.