Forty | 52

A portrait of my child, each week in 2015. Joining in with Jodie at Practising Simplicity.

This week’s photo isn’t one of my own, but is thanks to the brilliant and lovely Lara from Evanescent Photography. She’s a friend of mine and it a master at capturing beautiful photos! We had an impromptu photo shoot in Port Alfred while we were there for the Round Table Bi-Area conference. Thank you SO  much Lara. So very special!

12 weeks until the end of the year. Yikes!

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Taking Stock {September}

  • Making : Progress on this year’s vegetable garden
  • Cooking :  Burgers for dinner
  • Drinking :  Tea
  • Reading :  One Summer: America 1927 – Bill Bryson. <-Same as last month…at least I’m reading!
  • Wanting : Some uninterrupted crochet time!

  • Looking : Forward to the arrival of our newest niece! Not long to go now Smash! Hopefully we can come down to visit soon!
  • Playing : Music from the FreeMusicArchive. I love this song in particular.
  • Planning : More seedlings to plant, new garden beds
  • Crocheting : Baby blankets…in many different variations. Also, booties, & beanies.
  • Wishing : If I tell you, it won’t come true…

  • Enjoying: A few days of mizzle. All the better to fill the new raintank and settle tender little seedlings
  • Waiting: For pilates exam results….still….
  • Thankful: For supportive & understanding friends
  • Wondering: If we can manage to make the toys planned for Christmas!
  • Loving: Catching the last of the sunset on my way home from teaching pilates. A contrast to the early dark evenings of winter.

  • Hoping : Still hoping.
  • Marvelling :  LB’s language and skill seem to have taken a massive leap recently…new words daily, phrases, dexterity and comprehension. It’s quite phenomenal.
  • Needing : To start gathering things for my Santa’s Shoeboxes. Have you pledged one yet?
  • Smelling : Fresh coffee brewing downstairs
  • Wearing : My favourite pink scarf and slipper-boots!

  • Noticing: More and more evidence of spring. It really is remarkable!
  • Thinking: About Aunty Ann who had an op yesterday.
  • Listening to: FreeMusicArchive
  • Excited About: A family engagement and hopefully a super fun wedding in the future!
  • Waiting for: News from my sister!!


Thirty-Eight | 52

A portrait of my child each week in 2015. Joining in with Jodie at Practising Simplicity.

Mom did some early-morning baking so that you could take treats to school for tea-time. Your favourite thing in the whole world is licking the K-beater. Of course it is. It was mine too! I love your chocolate smeared face and your brilliant blue eyes. This is one of Mom’s favourite photos of you!

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Thirty-Seven | 52

A portrait of my child, each week in 2015. Joining in with Jodie at Practising Simplicity.

You Dad has been away for a little over 2 weeks on an epic field trip for “work” in the Kruger National Park*. He came back on Sunday afternoon. I was so excited that we sat outside keeping an eye out for his car. To distract you Mom decided that your motorbike really really needed a wash. You helped me get a a little ex-yoghurt tub and some soap and the cloth and sponge. We carefully carried it all outside. You were so so good about carefully scrubbing and wiping every part of your motorbike. Even the wheels! The you rinsed it all off with the hose.

And then Dad came home and there was much excitement and relief through the house! Later; Riddly ate the sponge. Silly dog.

*Mom’s tried very hard not to be extremely envious!

{Last Year}

Perfect Port Alfred

It’s always a bit risky, invited new friends away for a weekend. Meeting for a short play date or cup of coffee is one thing, but a whole weekend away is a different ballgame. Thankfully, Lou & Andy are such wonderful people, and their kids are gorgeous that it was the best weekend away I’ve had in a long time.

We headed off to Port Alfred on Friday afternoon. The kids played so beautifully together while we settled in. Little Mr. Dragon grinned and drooled. Later, we fired up the braai and tag-teamed supper, bath and bedtime. Then there was pink bubbly just because we could. And red wine later on.

The next morning, brought the scent of freshly brewed coffee and toast. Frozen on the iPad. Pjyama clad kiddies, bed hair. Big yawns. (A mug of MedLemon for Mom….). Eventually we managed to pull ourselves together and head off to Kiddies Beach. It was perfect. Noone else on the beach. We let Riddley off to run and run and run and dig holes then run some more. Little Man & Little Miss toddled off into the keen-deep (to them) water. Big open safe space. Little Mr. Dragon ate sand and was adorable.

Later on, when little eyes got tired, we packed up and headed home again. A quick rinse, a snack and then off to sleep for them. Tousled and tumbled in their blankets. We sat around, showered and refreshed, sipping on some more coffee. I got in some crochet time. We headed off to lunch at Ocean Basket then a short stroll around the shops before coming home. Busy beach days make for early bedtimes. Beautiful evening light and ‘roni cheese’ for the Littles,  another fabulous braai and the last bit of red wine for the Bigs.

The we did it all again the next day. Except Riddly ate the leftover braai meat meant for lunch, and we threw together a perfectly acceptable salad from the salad stuff we didn’t eat for supper the previous two nights! Long naps and flushed cheeks. A quick stop for bread and milk then home. Sprinkling the last of the sand in our shower.

Thank you so much Lou & Andy. I really hope we can do it again sometime! xx

Thirty-Six | 52

A portrait of my child each week in 2015. Joining in with Jodie at Practising Simplicity.

You & I went to Port Alfred for the weekend. We packed up Riddly and met some friends and we had the most wonderful wonderful weekend. You played so wonderfully with Little Miss. We had the run of the beach too, lots of freedom and space to paddle and play. Riddly dug holes and you and Little Miss buried yourselves. Riddly ran and ran and we caught crabs and looked for hadedahs and seagulls. The mornings on the beach tired you and Little Miss out so Mom enjoyed some uninterrupted crochet time with a lovely hot cup of coffee. It was blissful and Mom can’t wait to go again!

{Last Year}

Beach Days

The spring inside, wound so tight,
Uncurls by degrees,
Becoming salty curls,
Sunscreen slick on sparkling water,
Seagulls spiralling,
Small fingers wrapped around my own
Sun tan lines,
and swirls of sand, washed off in the shower.

Taking Stock {August}

  • Making : Lots of baby blankets! Five in the queue at least. Not counting the work-in-progress that is Little Man’s.
  • Cooking :  Spatchcock chicken on the braai tonight, and an interesting looking braised carrot & cabbage dish I want to try.
  • Drinking :  Water, I have a headache.
  • Reading :  One Summer: America 1927 – Bill Bryson.
  • Wanting : A nap. 

  • Looking : For sunflower seeds
  • Playing : With video editing software….
  • Planning :  Vegetable bed and flower gardens. Spring is coming! Need to buy in some compost and topsoil…
  • Crocheting : Baby blankets!
  • Wishing : I could tag-along on Husband’s field trip…

  • Enjoying: Rumblings of thunder. We don’t really get ‘proper’ thunderstorms here. The kind that build up and up and up. Bright white clouds thrusting into an impossibly blue sky. The, creeping hot still darkness and the suspense before the first tentative ‘plop’ of a fat wet drop. Soon followed by many many many more. And hour later, the storm has gone. The world is warm and damp and there are puddles to be splashed in.
  • Waiting: For home-time…
  • Thankful: For my amazing husband who brings me coffee or tea in bed every morning.
  • Wondering: 
  • Loving:  New takkies (trainers) scored at the closing down sale. They were way overdue!

  • Hoping :  That our new water-tank will be installed soon.
  • Marvelling :  At new words every day. At how he’s learnt his favourite books off-by-heart already.
  • Needing : A new light bulb for outside…must remember to go get one.
  • Smelling :  Braai-smoke and fresh cut lawns.
  • Wearing :  Only one jersey! And a scarf, but that’s more because it’s pink and pretty

  • Noticing: A friend’s amazing way with words. How perfect is this little poem?

    This morning
    Smelled like jasmine and thunder
    My feet cold
    Against the red polished stoep

    – Louella S.

  • Thinking: About a possible new project at work…lots to organise!
  • Listening to:  A fly, buzzing and bashing against the window.
  • Bookmarking: How to figure out how much yarn I’ll be needing…
  • Excited About: Brilliant news from a cousin! Much love to you both xox
  • Waiting for: Pilates exam results. It went fine but I’ll feel better knowing the official results!


Thirty-Five | 52

A portrait of my child, each week in 2015. Joining in with Jodie at Practising Simplicity.

A good friend called and requested a walk. In the mist and the drizzle. We were all feeling a little house-bound so we jumped at the suggestion. I tossed a Thermos of hot chocolate in the car, loaded up a wildly over-excited dog and off we went.

At Burnt Kraal, we parked and I let Riddly out. She tore off, running through long grass is one of her very favourite things. All the better if it’s wet too! You love to watch her as she sprints back and forth leaping over small bushes and splashing through puddles.

We ambled along, inspecting puddles, and dew-speckled spiderwebs.  Picking flowers for Mom & Auntie Jackie. The hot chocolate was most welcome in the brisk wind. The pockets on your hoodies are no longer purely decorative. I love the way you were standing, sipping hot chocolate, hand in pocket. Your mannerisms so like your Dad. Aren’t genetics weird?

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