Fifteen | 52

A portrait of my child each week in 2015. Joining in with Jodie at Practising Simplicity.


You are such a beach bum. We are so lucky to have such beautiful beaches less than an hour from home. Friends in town to celebrate a graduation called for a day trip to the beach. It was a perfect autumn day. The lightest of breezes, clean sand, few other people wandering along. The water was absolutely freezing though, not that you minded. You have discovered that the waves are a lot of fun and you keep us on our toes by running into the water waiting for the wave to arrive. This is a quick cellphone snap, I forgot my camera at home…!

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Easter 2015

We are not big on Easter. Big on eating lots of chocolate, but not so much about the bunnies and hiding eggs and whatnot. I’m sure that will change as Little Man grows older and “gets” it more, but for now we were more than content to have no plans and spend four glorious days at home together. We purposely didn’t go anywhere and I loved it.

We started off with a wander around Burnt Kraal, the commonage near the airfield on Thursday evening. Riddly LOVED the long grass and sneaky mousey/lizardy smells. Little Man loved the tok-tokkies and muddly puddles. We must go more often. The cold wind made my already runny nose worse and I coughed and spluttered my way through the rest of the weekend. But anyway…onwards!

We did get a few things done around the house. Specifically I wanted to create a tea & coffee spot. Clear some of that paraphernalia off out counters and also create a spot to display all my cook books. So on Good Friday, we got started.

We took an old paint-splodged table, sanded it, painted it. There was beer, home brewed of course. Riddly “helped” and only ended up partially purple. One shelf we already had, it just needed to be cut to size. The other is cheap painted pine. Surprisingly, despite this being a low table, Little Man hasn’t been tempted to pull things off it. We’ve since tucked a bed for Riddly under the table and she’s happily in the middle of all the action, without being underfoot!

John and his Brew-Buddy had a brew-day on Saturday so he was out the house all day. Little Man and I hung out (I was feeling crappy and it was raining so we skipped ParkRun). I think we went and did some grocery shopping but I’m afraid I can’t quite remember…I did make my first Jaffle sandwich. Peanut butter, banana and choc-chips…it was yummy

Unfortunately, the rest of the weekend proper was lost to rain. It rained and rained and rained all day on Sunday. We were quite glad we didn’t have to hide Easter Eggs and marvelled at the Easter Bunny who apparently had waders to visit all our friends in town!

We made lasagne, read books, watched dvds. I knitted (or at least tried. I have taken to calling my knitting needles ‘frustration sticks’). We made pizza, Little Man sat and watched it bubble…

We made a start on an outdoor play area for Little Man. Some old tyres and chalkboard paint. Hopefully in time we can add more bits and bobs  to it. He quite likes the tyres so far…

There’s not that much else to report. It was a wonderful weekend at home.

Fourteen | 52

A portrait of my child, each week in 2015. Joining in with Jodie at Practising Simplicity. At the end of a day cooped up inside, we took you and Riddly to an area of commonage for a walk. The wind was blowing and it was pretty cold. You both loved it though. Bouncing through the long grass and stamping over gravel. A good place to burn off some energy. There were lots and lots of tok-tokkie beetles on the path. Tapping their bums of the ground. Sturdy enough to be picked up and examine in minute detail, before being folded in your palm as you run to inspect the next muddy puddle. Flung aside when you happened across another one. I’m sure your entomologist father was pleased. {Last Year}

Catching Up; Bathurst Show & Port Alfred

We are so fortunate that my in-laws have a home in Port Alfred which we can use any time we want to get away for the weekend. I drove down on Friday afternoon. Little Man fell asleep; so did the puppy, I slowed down to a trundle. Enjoyed the scenery and a few unplayed podcast episodes (99% Invisible is a great one). Little Man stayed asleep once I arrived at the house. I managed to unpack the puppy and all our gear while he slept in the car. John played a hockey match in Grahamstown then caught a lift via the Pig & Whistle. I pottered around. Made supper, did some crochet. Tucked Little Man into bed and snoozed in front of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. It’s amazing how quickly you can slip into holiday mode with a  change of scenery. I think it helped knowing we were there for the whole weekend.

On Saturday morning we were up bright and early. Although the weather was less than stellar, we headed off to the Bathurst Agricultural Show. It’s everything you expect a small-town agricultural show. show-jumping, stalls, mini-doughnuts, mud, hot coffee, rain speckled tractors, fancy pigeons, goats and blue-ribbon lavender chickens. We took Little Man in his carrier, and the dog on a leash (socialising and leash-training her!) and had a good wander around. My favourite hall is the one for the flow-arrangements and home crafts. Prize-winning vegetables ala River Cottage, breathtaking works of art cleverly disguised as quilts and lovely knitted and crocheted blankets. I think next year I will enter a piece. Now I’m dreaming up a project to make. Little Man needs a full-sized blanket…

Little Man was a little unsure of the livestock, I suppose it’s the closest he’s been to a goat! And the roosters and chickens were rather noisy! We skipped the piggery, it had begun to drizzle again and some friends requested our presence for hot coffee….an offer hard to refuse! We watched a few stubborn horses refuse to jump over a particularly narrow and “scary” jump before toddling through the final hall. By that stage the signs of meltdown were imminent and it was still raining. So we decided to slip away. Literally in my case, dirtying the only pair of jeans I packed.  I was sad to miss the vintage cars but I had a hair appointment to get to and all four of us were now muddy and damp. There’s always next year right?

After a delightful hour wherein my hands were massaged and my hair was trimmed, we retired home for chip-rolls and an afternoon snooze. By the time we were all conscious again, the weather had cleared and it was the most beautiful evening. Riddly wasn’t too thrilled with the beach this time. She took one look at the crazy moving water and headed for the sand dunes as fast as she could. No amount of coaxing could convince her that any of this was a good idea! Blake to a little while to get used to the sand, he doesn’t really like having his hands dirty, but once he got over that he really enjoyed himself. We took a walk out along the breakwater and watched the crazy surfers jump into the foam below, bypassing all that tiresome paddling out to the backline.

As the sun sank behind the dunes, we took the tired puppy and damp sandy child home for a bath and bed. John and I enjoyed a lovely oxtail and stout stew with a beer or two and a couple of episodes of Kingdom. Amazingly everyone slept really well (only 1 wake-up for me!) and the next morning we headed back to the beach. Because why not?

Little Man loves the water. Once he got over the chill, he happily followed Dad in deeper. Searching for shells and pebbles. Nappy sagging further and further down between his knees! Riddly was most distressed by these developments! She kept running towards them barking and then back to me as if to say “Do you see this madness?! Do something!”.

Blue lips and shivering puppy told us it was time to go home for some breakfast! A quick trip to Spar for Easter supplies. A lovely lovely braai and then sadly it was time to pack up, mop the floors and head home. Stunning weekend! Just the rest we needed before heading into a short week and then Easter!




Taking Stock {March}

  • Making : Plans to spend the weekend in Port Alfred. And a camping trip at some stage…
  • Cooking :  Mud pies! Masterchef in the making!
  • Drinking : Great red wine…or a mug of nice hot tea
  • Reading : Re-reading all the Terry Pratchett books I have in the house. So sad to hear of his passing.
  • Wanting : To make a quilt. Anyone have any tips for beginners?

  • Looking : After one of the pot plants from work. Poor neglected thing is finally sprouting new leaves.
  • Playing : Peek-a-boo and catchers with my toddler!
  • Wasting : too much time on Facebook!
  • Crocheting : A pair of long pants for Little Man. Miraculously they actually fit! Just need to finish off the legs now.
  • Wishing : For contentment with what we have.

  • Enjoying: My two regular ladies at my pilates class. Now that the initial nerves have gone, I’m rather enjoying the process of putting together a lesson and guiding them through it. 
  • Waiting: For our cherry tomatoes to ripen.
  • Thankful: For a wonderful visit from my Mom & Dad…and for their contribution to our groceries! Love you madly!
  • Wandering: Up and down and round our little block. I pictured this when we moved here. Baby in a pram. Dog on a leash. Sunset.
  • Loving: Caramel popcorn drizzled with chocolate…so good!

  • Hoping: Little Man doesn’t fall of anything too high…!
  • Marvelling: At how Little Man is so unafraid. He clambers and climbs up on the couch, tea trolly, reaching for what he wants. Tippy toes stretching.
  • Needing: A haircut.
  • Smelling: Paint fumes. Hopefully the revamp of our offices will be done soon.
  • Wearing: New red shoes from Woolies sale. Thanks Mom!

  • Noticing: How dark it is at 6am. Trying to embrace it. 
  • LearningHow to knit…
  • Thinking: How cute our puppy is. Even though she is annoying as *hell* sometimes!

  • Bookmarking: Hot Cross Buns with….wait for it…chocolate chunks. Yes
  • Opening: Shhhhh….Mr Lindt Bunny….
  • Giggling: At my 16 month old Mr. Cheese!

Thirteen | 52

A portrait of my child each week in 2015. Joining in with Jodie at  Practising Simplicity.

Our electricity non suppliers are in the middle of a ‘load-shedding’ program. They turn of your electricity to relieve demand on the grid. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds. ANYWAY….the days are getting shorter and evenings darker so Mom had to get creative when Eskom turned out the lights during bathtime. A R5.00 balloon with a tiny LED light inside….endless entertainment! (Also, how much to I love my 50mm lens? So much)

{Last Year}

It’s been a wonderful week. My parents came down for my Mom’s reunion and they spent a few extra days with us. The sunsets were wonderful and we actually sat out on our verandah and enjoyed a few drinks at the end of the day.

I taught three pilates classes last week. One my own and covered two for other instructors. I am still quite nervous but I think my ladies are enjoying them.

Having my folks here is wonderful. Little Man just loves them and it’s great for us to have a few minutes ‘off’! They bought him this little red wagon and his favourite is to be pulled/pushed around in it. He’s also started climbing up on eeeeeverything. So far we’ve discovered him standing on top of the back of the couch, the tea trolly and the dining room table! Heart stopping!

He’s started cuddling the cats and the puppy when she lies still enough. I’m amazed at how tolerant Pepper is. I expected her to be the grumpy one! Fluffy is the one who runs and hides.

We ‘enjoyed’ a home cooked meal…


Riddly bites everything that she can….we’ve bought her rawhide bones now which will hopefully help. She is a beautiful dog though. Still doesn’t love car rides, but we will keep working on it!

When Little Men wake up on the wrong side of the bed after a nap…a hosepipe and plastic tubs cure all manner of ills.

As do afternoon short walks around the block. Getting puppies and toddlers used to the idea. Little Man insists on climbing up (and down and up and down) the stairs. Though he gets ahead of himself and tries to go too fast! We haven’t had a bad tumble on these stairs (yet).

In other news, can you believe Easter is next weekend?! We’re planning a whole 4 glorious days at home. Might even get some stuff done around the house…


Twelve | 52

A portrait of my child each week in 2015. Joining in with Jodie at Practising Simplicity. You are 16 months old. Full of energy and exploring everything everywhere. Climbing jumping running. Riddly (the puppy) seems to be resigned to the fact that her kennel is your play room. Granny & Grandpa have been staying with us. Grandpa is still your favourite person!

{Last Year}

Ten | 52

A portrait of my child, each week in 2015. Joining in with Jodies at Practising Simplicity. You have figured out that if you drag your little chair over to the basin, you can climb on it and reach the taps. You love to turn the taps on and off and feel the water trickling though your fingers. Even if occasionally you manage to squirt yourself in the face!

{Last Year}