Beer bread and being lazy

So how were your weekends? I had grand intentions of starting to get packed up and baking and tidying and cleaning and so on. It didn’t work out quite like that.

We started out the weekend with a lovely dinner at Table Two with friends. We got hushed by some old dude (whose’ table was singing Christmas Carols…weird) but it was still great fun. The food was, as always, delicious, though I would have made the peri-peri sauce hotter. It was definitely mild. Still, delicious and we were only home around 11.30pm.

Due to all the rain on Thursday and Friday, all cricket throughout the district was cancelled on Saturday. What did I do with this unexpected Saturday off? I slept in till 10am then moved to the couch where I ready about the devious dealings of Cecil Rhodes and the far-reaching effects of the diamond and gold rushes in southern Africa. Fascinating stuff! I really must get my hand on some more history books like that. We were so lazy it terrible. I only got out of my pj’s to have a bath, that evening. My laziness was not helped by the fact that my teeth were so sore I didn’t know what to do with myself! I will try to get hold of the dentist, again, today (Update: got an appointment for tomorrow). In the meantime, Myprodol and Tejel are my friends.

I didn’t get around to making biscuits, I will do it this evening. I did make some beer-bread with feta and rosemary which we thoroughly enjoyed, lathered with butter or dipped in good olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It was so unbelievably easy. Seriously. It’d be a great recipe for kids, put all the ingredients in a bowl, pour in a bottle of beer (the small 330 ml ones worked just fine) and let them go wild slurping around till it’s all mixed. Turn it into a greased pan and bake. Eat, enjoy! The original recipe is here.

Tara’s version of Farm Girl Fare’s Beer bread

3c flour

1 TBsp sugar

1 TB sp fresh baking powder

1 tsp salt + Coarse salt to garnish

1 bottle beer (I used a 330 ml bottle of Hansa Marzen Gold)

1/2 c fresh finely chopped rosemary

1 round of black pepper feta + 1/4 round for garnish

1 egg, beaten, to glaze.

Sift all the dry ingredients into a large bowl. Get a pair of hands that are willing to get dirty, kids work well. Pour in the beer slowly mixing the flour mixture together all the time. The dough will come together slowly. When it is no longer sticking to the side of the bowl, add the rosemary and crumbled feta and knead to combine it all. Turn the dough into a greased bread tin. Brush the surface with the beaten egg and sprinkle quite liberally, with coarse salt. Don’t be shy, some of the salt will come off as you eat it so it won’t taste salty. Crumble the last 1/4 round of feta over the salt and bake for 45mins at 190C.

Allow the loaf to cool for about 30 mins, otherwise the steam will prevent you from slicing it nicely. Serve with a mezze platter, or just with some good olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dunking, some butter, some olive tapenade, or enjoy it on it’s own.

Sunday was not much better. The crappy weather closed in and it was cold and damp all day. J went on various quests in Warcraft, I read another book, then built pyramids and cities in Children of the Nile. We had rolls for lunch and J made enchiladas for dinner. With chilli powder. A LOT of chilli powder. I think I drank about a litre of milk with dinner! WOW! I’m all for hot stuff but that was over doing it a bit! We watched a few episodes of Burn Notice…mmm that Michael is hot. And then called it a night. Very lazy, very much just what I needed!

Today I will muddle through. I have to go pick up some forms from Rhodes but other than that, I’ve not got a lot on my plate other than the many small things that need doing!

5 thoughts on “Beer bread and being lazy

    • You should, it really is SO easy! Best thing about it, you can add just about whatever you like to it. I bet a sun-dried tomato and basil one would be heavenly!

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