A Good Day Shopping (35/365)

Yesterday I drove down to PE to collect some work stuff and, seeing as I was going anyway; I decided to invite two friends along for the ride. We had a wonderful day wandering around a proper shopping mall. Grahamstown doesn’t have one. We’re a small town! There’s nothing quite so good as hanging out with your girlfriends!

I don’t have any photos of my haul-I forgot to take them but I can tell you what I got. A new duvet cover to replace the one that J has had since forever. It’s been patched and re-patched and it’ just very old now. I also found some nice brown low-heel boots. I’ve been looking for a pair for ages! I’ll be wearing them to the Barn Dance thing in a few weeks time (and probably before that too!). I also picked up a few kitchen things. A draw tidy in bright funky colours and two glass bottles with hinged stoppers for olive oil and stuff. J scored a nice grey hoodie that was on sale. I also managed to pick up my “Secret Post Club” gift-I must post it tomorrow…

I brought home some sushi, and this time there was no untimely slamming on of brakes so it all stayed inside the container. Where it was supposed to be. Delicious. A colleague actually sent me a list of sushi restaurants in Cape Town and when they have their specials on. So I will definitely be checking those out when I’m down there! Hopefully in the next two weeks or so! Anyone want to join me? Leave a comment!*

Today I make ice cream. I have a really easy and tasty looking basic recipe and I’ll spruce it up a little to make it more exciting. Watch this space!

OH! And I finally finished the Twilight books. Meh. They were ok. I got the feeling with the 3rd one that it was written under a lot of pressure. I wasn’t nearly as good as the others and there didn’t seem to really be much of a direction to the storyline. So, that’s what I thought of that.

That’s all for now!

*Unless you’re like, really creepy.

4 thoughts on “A Good Day Shopping (35/365)

  1. I tried reading a few pages of Twilight because every says how it’s so amazing yada yada yada… Not my cup of tea.

    Glad your shop was good fun. Sounds like you spent your money well. Still jealous of your barn dance!

    • I must admit I really enjoyed the first one. Easy ready; bit of a teeage soapie! But the last one…bleugh. I finished it because I’m one of those people who can’t not finish a book. Especially if it’s part of a series!

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