Pot Bread, Fender Benders and Roast Chicken

A recap of the weekend, better a day late than not at all right?

On Friday evening we had a bunch of friends around for a braai. It turned out to be a lovely evening. And by lovely, I mean it wasn’t raining! John made his famous bacon & sweetcorn pot bread. I only have a photo of it on the coals, the got scoffed as soon as it was ready!

Bacon & Sweetcorn Potbread

We cracked a fantastic bottle of The Grinder Pinotage, cheap and cheerful but very tasty too. There’s nothing I love more than wine, friends and good conversation. It was very special to have my friend Carol and her hubby & son there. Had the weirdest feeling of ‘full-circle-ness’ all evening. You know when you look at photos of yourself as a child; curled up on your Mom/Dad’s lap at some family wedding or a braai or something? Well I was looking at Carol’s son curled up on his Dad’s lap* and it hit me. Holy crap. We grew up. When the hell did that happen?! (And why did  no-one warn me?!) It was a wonderful evening with friends and we finally hit the sack (after far too much red wine) well after midnight!

John went off to cricket on Saturday morning and I took myself off to the beautician for a mani/pedi and a facial. Pure bliss. I did a spot of house shopping (a few new side plates, candles and a fruit bowl thing from Mr. P) before getting groceries and sushi for lunch. It was exactly the morning that I needed! I was meant to work on my assignment in the afternoon but the red-wine crept up on me and thwacked me across the head so I took a nap instead. John’s cricket was all over by lunchtime so the team went off to Ocean Basket for lunch and came home around 4pm. I pretended like I had been working for hours! Later that evening we popped round to a friend’s place for an impromptu braai/drinks evening. Lots of fun. He gave me a really funny book on wedding planning (Wedding Babylon). Advice pops up in the most unexpected places!

Sunday morning started out with a bang. Literally. It had been raining all night. We live at the top of a hill right on the apex of a very sharp corner to the right as you come down the hill. Sharp as in 90°. So 6:30am. I’m awake but dozing (Damn body clock wakes me at 5am regardless). I hear a screeeeeeeeech of tyres and a thump that can only be a car hitting someone/something. So John and I leap out of bed and look for our cats. Fortunately they are both safe and sound. I run into our kitchen where the window overlooks the road. And sure enough there’s a dark blue, brand new VW Polo ‘parked’ across our driveway, his nose almost in our hedge. The super-dark tinted windows mean we can’t see inside to see if anyone is hurt. It appears that the driver and his lady-friend are ok because he’s trying to reverse and leave. Unfortunately for him when he flew round the corner, his hit the concrete curb with his front wheel and had snapped the locator bolt that hold your wheel in the centre of the wheel-well. And, as it’s a front-wheel drive car, probably the drive shaft as well. So John goes to check that they’re all ok but the guy is still trying to drive away. Yeah. Not going to happen. Eventually he rolls down the window and breathes alcohol fumes all over. Charming. What an asshole. Long story short, he and his lady friend vanish. Cops come and go. And it’s only later that afternoon that he re-appears with a flatbed to retrieve his truly bugger car. I am just SO glad that it was early in the morning; there were no kids/cats/dogs running around. I’m very angry though that he didn’t get arrested. I hope his car is totally broken. Idiot.

The rest of Sunday was uneventful. After that adrenalin rush there was no hope of going back to bed so we made toast and tea and I started on finishing my assignment. Painful. Like pulling teeth. But I finally managed to get it done and submitted (yay for online submission!) around 12. And then we made waffles. I’ve never made waffles in my life before. We were more a bacon-and-eggs-and-pancakes family. Waffles rock. Especially with berry compote and cream. OR syrup and butter. OR cinnamon sugar. I tried them all! And then, yesterday morning, I discovered that you can freeze them and pop them in the toaster to re-heat. Um what? Why did nobody tell me?! So that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend. Specifically this recipe from Handle the Heat. Yum!

The kitchen smelt amazing all day. We put a chicken in the slow cooker at 11am with lemon and rosemary and chilli and all that good stuff. I baked pumpkin muffins (recipe to follow!) and blueberry muffins (ditto) and we lazed around watching series. Around 7pm I roasted some carrots and sweet potato. Steamed some brollyflower** and popped the almost-falling-apart chicken in the oven to brown and crisp the skin. John made cheese sauce and gravy. Divine! Spectacular Sunday evening.

How was your weekend?

*Well, he was curled up for about 2 seconds. Full on wriggle-worm that night!!

**Broccoli & cauliflower

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