Geocaching, Trains, The Cold North Sea and Danish BBQ

I woke up at 4am because, even with blackout curtains, it never really gets properly dark and so the light wakes me up. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I grabbed the opportunity to go look for a geocache when few other people were around! I had planned to go at 5am anyway so it wasn’t too much earlier… The geocache I was looking for was quite famous, as a lucky person who found it was captured writing in the log book on Google Street View! I hopped over the railing and walked on the floating deck peering in holes until I finally spotted the obvious place. Then I realised I’d forgotten the trackables I my room so I had to run back & fetch them! Still it wasnt a problem and I got some really pretty photos of the early morning sun on the buildings. Then it was back to my room for a snooze before breakfast and heading off by bus to the train station.

Nyhavn in the still early morning

Curious seagull

The station building is beautiful though you don’t always notice at first because of all the gaudy McDonalds signs and various other things right in front of you, but if you look up…

Station ceiling

Waiting on Platform 7

I managed to buy myself a ticket and find the right platform, carriage and seat! The trip to Give (say: Gee-ver) took about 2.5 hours and actually went by quite pleasantly. The only tricky bit was hefting my luggage onto the overhead rack…!

I met Julie in the tiny little station (it’s tiny like the Port Alfred station when that was still running) and she whisked me to her beautiful rambling old farmhouse home to drop off my stuff and collect her daughter before we made a spontaneous trip to the West Coast. We went to a beach called Nymindegab Strand (don’t ask me for a pronunciation, I can’t even get close!) and wandered along finding pretty pebbles and dabbling our toes in he North Sea. (It was, unsurprisingly, pretty damn cold!)

Nymindegab Strand

Nymindegab Strand, West Coast, Denmark. (Click on the image for a map)

Dabbling Toes

Fun will pebbles

At this point, my memory card was full (I only took 1530 photos in 3 days…) so the photos from the rest of the evening are all on my iPhone.

We headed home but not before rewarding ourselves with a giant ice-cream. Topped with strawberry marshmallow fluff and flødebolle this time. That’s definitely a Danish thing!

Happy Icecream (thanks to Julochka’s Ista.gram for the pic!)

Once home, we headed out into the garden to pick the very first strawberries of the season. What a treat! Along with some rhubarb and some lovely white wine, it was a fitting way to begin winding down for the day.

Strawberries, rhubarb and wine

It was a beautiful evening so we had a grill (braai) outside. Their braai is such a clever idea, I want to copy it when I get home; perhaps a circular version! It’s a table with a braai drum set in the middle. When it’s time to eat, everyone sits around the table snacking (I had edamame for the first time; so delicious!) and adding bits and pieces to the fire when ready. Later in in the evening, the fire keeps your legs warm and you can throw a blanket around your shoulders if you need to.

Danish Braai

We had eggplant, tomatoes,  thick green crunchy asparagus, day-old bread brushed with olive oil, tzatziki, mojo (a spicy sauce from the Canary Islands), uncured pork belly and a lovely bottle of South African red. Finished off of course, with spectacular strawberries & cream!

Strawberries & Cream

Strawberries & Cream

There was much laughter, conversation and comparisons of our lives 10,000km apart. So much is different, so much the same. I feel very spoilt to be here and experiencing such a warm and welcoming family, and a snapshot of life in the Danish countryside. It was an extremely long day, (seeing as I was up at 4am and went to bed around 11pm!) but a really wonderful one!

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